Laws Den



Laws Den provides all kind of legal services starting from advocacy to legal research. It covers the analysis of legal, legislative and regulatory developments; litigation resources and practice guides; and national and international legal issues and their effects. Laws Den also works with its members to help people who are deprived of justice. Laws Den is your best legal adviser for any kinds of dispute.

As a socio-legal research center, Laws Den investigates the origins, operations and effects of legal regimes, policies, and practices. It covers theoretical and empirical analyses of the nature of law and its relationship to society and the State in the context of a rapidly changing world; analyses, both historical and contemporary, of the social, economic and political factors leading to the development of the law and legal process; examination of the operation of the law in formal contexts; for example, the courts, or in informal contexts like arbitration council or salish; analyses of the process of decision-taking by those responsible for the administration of the law; and analyses of the experience of those affected by the process of law.

As a part of society, Laws Den also involves in different types of social work to create awareness among the mass people, establish basic and fundamental rights of the people and make the society free from all kinds of violation. In consort with core activities, Laws Den focuses on legal aid for the unprivileged community of the society and those who are marginalized, related research, advocacy and communications to address discriminatory and arbitrary laws. We dream for a Bangladesh governed by the rule of law where people live in dignity and security with full enjoyment of their rights.

Laws Den believes everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern them. It aims to provide improve the quality of Bangladeshi law, understand the law in the broadest sense. Laws Den value accuracy and objectivity. It carries out this vision by publishing law online for free, creating materials, conducting online skill developing, creating awareness that help people understand law, exploring new technologies that make it easier for people to find the law.